Mentorship opportunity (Paid)

Hi all.

I’m a self-employed consultant and I’ve been using PureScript on a small scale for 2 months, so far. I’m already an experienced developer in other languages but still taking baby steps to learn PureScript.

I’m working on a CLI/Node application that integrates with APIs and File System. The code is 80% percent complete with a few missing features.
The project is getting bigger and messier, and I guess I have knowledge gaps with a few topics such as Monad Transformers, lifting to name a few.
Working as a self-employed is a bit challenging when learning a skills with no access to advanced PureScript developers to get feedback.

In my opinion, I believe that the best learning experience is to get frequent constructive feedback from advanced developers in order to grow quickly.
My main goal from this mentorship is to become more fluent and comfortable writing in PureScript.

I’m looking for a mentor who is:
willing to give code reviews and feedback.
show best practices regarding designing and architecting projects
willing to do online/live sessions with audio
willing to commit 1 hour (2 hours max)

I intend to pay by the hour.

Note: my local time zone is New Zealand Standard Time.
We can work out a suitable time for both of us.

If you are interested, please send me a direct message.
I’d be glad to answer any question you have.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.