Migrating `Select` to PureScript 0.12

I’d like to verify that purescript-halogen-select will be ready to release as soon as the new compiler version is out, but I’ve had some trouble checking it against the new compiler version.

Is there a recommended set of steps for library authors to test their code against the release candidate?

So far, I’ve simply updated my dev dependencies in package.json to the candidate:

  "devDependencies": {
    "pulp": "^12.2.0",
    "purescript": "^0.12.0-rc1"

However, it turns out the release candidate isn’t on NPM:

Is there another recommended way to test this out?

Helpful responses from @garyb and @gabejohnson on Slack:

the only way to do it is to build the branch yourself or grab one of the binaries from the release page (https://github.com/purescript/purescript/releases/tag/v0.12.0-rc1) - but as well as the compiler there’s going to be a new set of core libraries released, so Halogen and stuff will need updating too (@garyb)

I think you probably have a lot of dependencies that aren’t up-to-date w/ 0.12 (@gabejohnson)

So should I just wait it out until I see that Halogen etc. have been updated before making the attempt? I’d like to switch over asap in order to ensure I’m not causing issues for lib users. (@thomashoneyman)

yeah, I’d suggest waiting for now, I’ve not attempted to update Halogen yet either :slight_smile: (@garyb)

So it seems like the way to go is to wait on core libraries and dependencies to update, and then update once they’re ready to go. There’s a concerted effort to get those core libraries up to date before the official release, so I’ll just hold tight for now.

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