Most useful evolution for PureScript Unscripted?

Hey all! Attendence of the PureScript Unscripted online meetup has been declining since about a year ago. It’s fine if that happens, BTW! I’m mainly interested in getting fresh PureScript related discussion available on a regular basis rather than forcing high attendance.

A few questions for people who see value in PS Unscripted:

  • Do you think it’s valuable and useful in it’s current design?
  • What do you think we can change or add to make it more valusble or useful?
  • What are the situations in which you return to an old PS Unscripted episode to review the content?
  • Do you value the recordings more than attendence of the actual event?

My thoughts on an evolution follow.

I was thinking of changing the schedule to be more irregular. This would allow topic presenters I approach to choose a better time for them, which would make it easier to get more presenters.

Actually, I was thinking of making the content available as an audio only file, too, so it would truly be a podcast. To do this, however, would make it harder for audience members to attend at time of recording. I would still like it to be about looking at code, so that would make the podcast a second-class distribution, in a sense.

Let me know any wishes or dreams of how you would like to see a regularly released PureScript related public discussion released!

Discussion about audio quality on Twitter: