New calendar plugin supported on Discourse

We now support the official Discourse calendar plugin, which can be used to schedule the PureScript meetups that have been happening this summer. The Discourse events plugin is also available.

Thanks to everyone involved in scheduling those meetups, including @f-f and @paluh, and to @milesfrain for suggesting this calendar plugin to help manage them.

I have created a post in the Meetups category which contains a calendar: Edit: we’re using threads instead.

Responses to that post can be used to schedule events. In addition, the Meetups category displays the calendar above the threads themselves so anyone visiting the category can immediately see upcoming events without having to dig for a thread.

If someone who schedules the meetups would rather control the post themselves just let me know and I can delete it so you can create a new one.

I’m open to any other suggestions y’all notice from the Discourse post about this plugin that you would like me to implement to make it more usable for you!


This is awesome! Thank you @thomashoneyman. Also, thank you @paluh, @f-f, and @milesfrain. What you guys are doing is truly appreciated.


Thanks for setting this up.

Is this page loading for others?

I’m getting a constant spinner and seeing some console errors.

@milesfrain I’m getting never ending spinner as well.

I also get a never ending spinner on Android Chrome. Will test on PC later.

Hmm. I’m also noticing that on Chrome. Works fine on Firefox, though, and the post containing the calendar (Meetup Calendar) does work on Chrome.

I don’t have time to debug at the moment but I can dig for issues later. I can also disable the category calendar and just pin the meetup calendar topic instead.

FWIW I’m using FF and it does not load for me either.

Tested with a macOS machine on Safari and Firefox Developer Edition. Doesn’t work on either.

@natefaubion @mhmdanas @paluh @milesfrain can any of you see the plugin in the meetup thread itself (not the category header, but the post itself)?

I’m not sure what’s going on. I can see it in Firefox mobile as well.

I’m not sure exactly how to create “an event” - I don’t see any option in the “gear menu” when creating a topic or when editing the existing one (this option is described in the event plugin docs).
On the other hand I was able to schedule previous event by replying under the calendar thread with appropriate datetime range and I’ve linked to the event thread by hand. So this scenario works for me.

I’m not sure if I understand the possible functions of these plugins as I wasn’t able to create an event but from the docs events seems to be a bit nicer than manual calendar management :wink:

I can see it in the meetup thread you created, but not in the link provided by @milesfrain.

Yes, this shows up:

Here’s the spinner view. Tested on firefox 78 and chrome 84.

Same behavior in safe mode (no extensions).

Same for me when attempting to create an event.

This is what we should be seeing according to the events plugin:

Same as @natefaubion here.

@paluh @milesfrain I just updated both the Discourse instance and the calendar plugin just to make sure everything’s on the latest. I do see this when creating a topic:

I also checked the issue with the spinner in Chrome and I see this error:

"You are not permitted to view the requested resource."

So I’m assuming both the missing ‘Create event’ button and the failure of the calendar to load are both some sort of permissions issue where I can see them as an admin but they aren’t otherwise accessible. I’m checking on this.

I was able to find a setting that allows certain groups to create events. I’ve made it so anyone can create an event unless they have a trust level of 0 (which only applies to brand new accounts).

I am not able to find anything about permissions wrt the calendar right now, so I’ve disabled it in favor of events-based threads. If someone would like to create a new post with a summary calendar please feel free!

@thomashoneyman Thanks a lot for setting this plugins up - they seem to work really nicely!