New guide for `purescript-routing-duplex`, a bidirectional route parsing library

@natefaubion has written an awesome library for parsing / printing routing data types. No more boilerplate printing functions and no more letting your parser get out of sync with the routes you write as strings. However, it’s tough to get started without a tutorial and some usage examples. Fortunately, there’s a brand new guide for the library available on master:

As a note, there are other approaches to the same problem. I’m not well-versed enough to comment on them, but I’m at least aware of @paluh’s purescript-boomboom:

Finally, for an example of this library in use, you can see the Data.Route module from halogen-realworld. As a side note – nothing reveals the number of imports in even a small module in PureScript quite like a 20-line preview with no actual code: