Next wagsi jam session on 20.12.21 - Arctic landscape

Hey all! The next wagsi jam session will be on December 20. We’ll be doing our first environmental improvisation, using the sound of wind, far-off boats, ice cracking, and of course sleigh bells to create a beautiful landscape that can be turned on along with your YouTube fireplace to create a nice holiday soundscape.

For those of you that have never jammed with us, wags is a browser-based audio creation environment written entirely PureScript. To try it out, check out or wagsi. We do the jams in VSCode. They are always a great time & are inclusive and welcoming of folks with all sorts of musical/audio backgrounds. I hope to see you there!


That’s amazing, the sweet & lo-fi demo on sounds great :slight_smile: Thank you Mike for pushing Purescript in such direction!

Thanks so much! The repo is open source if you’d like to tweak anything in a PR :slight_smile: