Node.OS (homedir)

  1. I tried
in  upstream
  with node-os =
    { dependencies =
        [ "maybe"
    , repo =
    , version =

(I put in maybe since I don’t actually know the dependencies.)

I got

  CommonJS foreign modules are no longer supported. Use native JavaScript/ECMAScript module syntax instead.

Does that mean it is out of date? Does no one else need homedir?

  1. Why doesn’t pursuit just give me a copy button for pasting into packages.dhall?


1.): Yes it seems that the package was not updated to Purs-0.15 (yet). There are a few threads to similar problems here maybe one of them can help you.

2.) I guess that could work. But please note that there still is the option to use bower to get dependencies so you might want to have two separate “code snippets” there. And of course there is yet another “registry” on it’s way :sweat_smile:

Having said this: I’m sure someone needs homedir but since Purescripts FFI is rather easy to use they might have just call the method themselves without using some external package. Or it’s part of some other package that works.
I certainly had no need for it yet - I’m mainly using Purescript for browser-apps.

EDIT: Sorry I misread your 2. question at first.