Novice purescripter working on Appcelerator Titanium DSL

I’m trying to learn Purescript by writing a DSL for Titanium UI objects.

My first question is: has anyone else attempted this?

I would to make it a Halogen-compatible Surface so that I can also have HTML implementations & use Halogen components to structure my code.

I’m looking for any suggestions and good examples. Are there any examples of non-HTML RenderSpec implementations?

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Have a look at this -

This is a backend-independent implementation of halogen-vdom which can be used to render on any surface by implementing an appropriate HostConfig ( The HostConfig format is the same as React’s hostconfig so theoretically any react backend is easily ported to this.

It should be possible to plug-in Halogen-vdom-independent into Halogen and have the entire framework working on a non-html backend.

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