Nua, PureScript→Haskell compiler, looking to see if there is interest in open-sourcing

There’s a series of blogs about Juspay about compiling PureScript to Haskell because of performance for their back-end. I asked if there was plans to open source it, and the author of the post is asking if anyone has interest in it. If you also have some interest in the topic, it would be a great place do so.

(Note: the comments are on Reddit which can open up a user to privacy concerns)

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I’m unfortunately in no position to help move development or maintenance of such a codebase but i do think it would be really great to have a Haskell backend for PureScript!


I feel like we might be pushing XKCD 303 to the limit at that point :laughing: .


Link for the lazy: xkcd: Compiling