Problem compiling compiler on FreeBSD

Having trouble following the instructions for the compiler at Compiling from source.
It comes up with error “Please create a package description file .cabal” for files SHA- and alex-3.2.4, which seems to be among the first parts of the build (2/122). This’s on FreeBSD 12.0 using latest versions of stack and ghc.
Thank in advance, Ben.

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Latest version of ghc is 8.6.3 in the FreeBSD ports… For me, switching the system ghc to the 8.4.4 package did the trick - but I also ommitted the additional flag and just used stack install

Thanks for that, still haven’t got it working but it’s good to know that it’s possible. Guess I’ll have to learn how to use stack/ghc properly.

It‘s definitely possible. I messed around with stack and cabal before, so I might inadvertently have laid the groundwork, but otherwise the installation instructions worked for me.

FYI: I’ve just managed to build spago with the FreeBSD System ghc 8.6.3:

I used the following ~/.stack/config.yaml

system-ghc: true
compiler-check: newer-minor
allow-newer: true
skip-ghc-check: true

and then changed stack.yaml to use

resolver: lts-13.13

Same method works for purescript 0.12.3 on FreeBSD, if the


Compiler option is added to purescript.cabal

Finally got it to work with those settings. Now I’ll have to go back and work out why its working.

Thankyou very much!

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