Problems with writing documentation in a purescript module

I’m using purs docs to generate and see my documentation

  1. Is writing documentation on function parameters a-la haddock not supported at all? I’ve tried
foo :: a -- ^ a param
    -> b

and I’ve tried

foo ::
    -- | a param
    -> b

and neither work

  1. It seems that the documntation entries are reordered based on the export list. Is it possible to disable that?
  2. How can I put my headings ##heading between declarations? It seems they prefer to stick to the next declaration they find, which puts them below it in the resulting html file.
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  1. No, documentation on function parameters is not supported.
  2. No, the idea is that you tell purs docs what order you’d like things in in the docs by putting them in that order in the export list.
  3. That’s also not (yet) supported but I would be more open to adding that:
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