Proposal: migrating the purescript-music discourse to this discourse instance

Hi all,

A few members of the community attempted to set up a purescript-music discourse at but it hasn’t really taken off after a few months for several reasons.

  1. The setup was too onerous and @afc and I could not devote enough time to ironing out the kinks. As a result, it’s currently in read-only mode.
  2. It did not have enough traction: there were only ~5 people that used it, of which 95% was me, so it kinda turned into a conversation with myself.
  3. Several of the questions veered towards general PS-related questions, which would be better served in this forum or on the community Slack.

As a result, what I’d like to do is:

  1. Shut down :rip:
  2. Take the 1-2 most important posts (ie the FAQ for klank which has a few hundred views) and consolidate/publish them on this discourse instance using the Ecosystem tag.

I think this is the best way to preserve the most important information from the purescript-music discourse while saving time/money/energy.

Does that sound ok to the community?


I hope people are in favor because i’d love to see some healthy “specialized interest groups” here on the PureScript Discourse, including ones that maybe would be very tangential to my own interests, so that i could have a feel for what people are working on…


I don’t see a problem with this. If it’s PureScript-related, why not include it here. I would only have a problem with it if this Discourse started to feel like so many people were posting things related to purescript-music that I start to feel like I’m being spammed. If and when that problem occurs, then splitting it back out into a separate Discourse would likely be appropriate. Since it sounds like not enough people are involved yet for that to be a problem, it seems fine to me push that here.

We could probably create a separate category (e.g. Ecosystem, Change Proposals, etc.) for this if it got bigger but not large enough to split out on its own.

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There are a lot of discourse notification customization options available in “preferences” that can help with this. For example you can mute all posts in a category or with a tag, or only see first-posts. So maybe we’ll start with encouraging the use of a music tag.

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I’m perfectly happy with discussions about happening on this Discourse. If the volume of posts starts to get quite high then maybe we could revisit it, but come on over for now!


Pun intended or not? :drum:


Would this mean that all data has been deleted? I had an account there that used an email alias which I would like to delete now that the site has shut down, but I’d first like to confirm that I won’t be bitten by this later in case the site goes back up again.

Yup, you can feel free to delete.

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