Proposal to add new tag "Wishlist"

I propose to add new tag Wishlist with description:

If you wish some library or tool to exist in PureScript ecosystem but it doesn’t, propose it here and someone might be able to do it.

it would encourage people to share what they would like to exist and someone might find such ideas interesting to build, so it’s win win for everyone.

It might also be good way to find real world exercise, for people who would like to practice/learn PureScript, or just want to contribute, but have no ideas.

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For example I’m helping my friend to learn purescript, and such ideas would be beneficial to us, as we would be working on staff people want to exists and are useful, instead of some imaginary/useless exercises.

Or if someone is seeking for contributor/help on particular issue/project they could post under the wishlist tag

To be clear, you do mean a “tag” rather than “category”, right? A category will appear as a colored section visible on the home page of this forum. I ask because it sounds like you want it to be a “place” to post things to the wishlist. I’d like to restrict the number of categories in this forum. (While on the topic now, I wonder if we can even remove or rethink our current categories.)

I think it seems like a good idea to exist as a “tag” however. No matter the category in which a topic is raised, it can be tagged as having an wishlist item. My only concern is that this tag might be overloaded to mean something else, and then become meaningless. It would be nice to have tags listed on the home page, like categories are.

Actually I meant category, but tag might work too