PS Unscripted June 2018

It’s pretty late to start discussing the PS Unscripted meetup (it’s tomorrow, as I write this :sweat_smile:). I’ve been really busy the last few weeks.

Was anyone interested in giving a prepared talk for it?

The IRL PS Conf '18 was this week, so that could be a topic to chat about.

@paf31, in last month’s PS Unscripted planning, you mentioned that you had some topics. Perhaps this is too much of a late-notice, which is understandable. :slight_smile:

Nate Faubion signed up for it, but there’s room for another talk.
It’s a bit late to officially set up and announce the event, sorry all!

I announced on Twitter, too:

I did mean to preset something this week, but 1pm on Saturday has become a difficult time for me lately.

I have the comonadic UI talk that I can repurpose, but I’ll need a little more notice. Maybe I can do next month?

:+1: Sure, no problem, can try again next month. :slight_smile:

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