Psci-support dependency

A lot of packages depend on purescript-psci-support - Pursuit in spago.dhall. Is this a good idea? I understand that it’s necessary for spago repl to work.

Would it be better for psci-support to be depended on in a separate Spago .dhall file? GitHub - purescript/spago: 🍝 PureScript package manager and build tool powered by Dhall and package-sets Then we could do spago -x test.dhall repl.

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We want to move away from the current setup of “one set of dependency for every spago file”. There’s an outline of where we want to go here in this issue, but the whole thing is ultimately dependent on the Registry shipping first.

In this new setup we’d have spago repl merge all the dependencies from all targets, and separately pull in psci-support.

We could probably already patch it so that psci-support doesn’t have to be in the dependencies but can be pulled in just by the repl command. I’d be open to see a patch that does that :slight_smile:

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