PureScript 0.15 Library status question

We cannot move to PureScript 0.15 until purescript-uuid has moved. But it cannot move until purescript-foreign-generic moves. And that’s just one of the libraries that I know we use but hasn’t moved yet.

Is there some master list of libraries? Or some ETA on all of the standard libraries being moved?

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Typically, all libraries from the core, contrib, web, and node organizations are ready to go day one of a compiler release. Other packages follow quickly, and within the first few days a big chunk of the package set has returned.

Beyond that, library authors update at their leisure. Some libraries like foreign-generic have become unmaintained in that time, so they never update.

I would recommend that uuid drop the dependency in order to update for 0.15, or someone try to help maintain foreign-generic, or perhaps even fork it into a new package.

As far as a “master list” of packages that have updated, I would refer to the packages in the most recent package set. It’s the closest thing we have. As far as a master list of packages the core team is going to upgrade it’s just the four organizations I listed above.


You may overwrite the uuid and foreign-generic sources in packages.dhall in the following way:

let upstream = ...
in  upstream
  with uuid =
    { dependencies =
      [ "prelude"
      , "aff"
      , "effect"
      , "either"
      , "foreign-generic"
      , "foreign"
      , "lists"
      , "maybe"
      , "partial"
      , "spec"
      , "strings"
      , "transformers"
    , repo = "https://github.com/megamaddu/purescript-uuid"
    , version = "7bb5a90c9b11f6a33ac7610608a650e4d58aeac9"
  with foreign-generic =
    { repo =
    , dependencies =
      [ "foreign"
      , "foreign-object"
      , "ordered-collections"
      , "exceptions"
      , "record"
      , "identity"
    , version = "v0.15.0-updates"

This works for me. I had to update a few packages in this manner.

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Thanks for the responses. I responded to the Open ticket regarding 0.15 in the repo and made the suggestion that the dependency be dropped since it’s only used in 1 line of test code.