PureScript compiler release v0.13.5

v0.13.5 is out! This is a small release fixing some regressions from v0.13.4, including in particular the “too many open files” error. Release notes:


Great! Will git it a shot soon.

Is it possible the version bump was missed? I believe mine is still showing 0.13.4 (installed via node).

I don’t think so, I get 0.13.5 when I run purs --version after running npm install -g purescript. Sometimes I find I need to restart my shell if I’ve placed a new purs binary in my PATH if there’s already an existing one elsewhere, perhaps that’s what has happened here? Or maybe you’re confusing a global and local installation?

Oops, my bad - I just realised that it was just the linux binaries which were reporting the correct version, and all the others were wrong. I’ve just deleted them all from the releases page and I’m currently getting CI to rebuild them: https://travis-ci.org/purescript/purescript/builds/611603197. This should take 20 mins or so.