PureScript Conf 2018 Call for Speakers

PureScript Conf 2018
June 6th, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
In Boulder, Colorado, at the University of Colorado Boulder

What kind of talks do attendees want to see?
I thought a helpful thing would be a poll to measure interest on various topics. For now you can choose the 3 most interesting options. Let me know of options to add/remove.

LMK if you think it’s not a useful poll – I intend it as a way to motivate potential speakers and inspire them with interesting topics.

  • Introduction to the PureScript language and FP concepts
  • Design/architecture of real-world PureScript apps
  • Experience report of building websites/SPAs/servers using PureScript
  • Interacting/wrapping JavaScript libs and communicating with external systems
  • Explaining most commonly used core PureScript libraries
  • Designing nice abstractions in PureScript, like category theory and abstract algebra
  • PureScript compiler internals and how to contribute
  • Overview of PureScript build systems and package managers
  • Discussion panel with PureScript contributors

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I think 30-minute speaking slots for PS Conf 2018 will be acceptable, and I suspect we could get more speakers if they knew that 30-minute slots are available. I updated the PS Conf wiki page to reflect that we should have them available.