Purescript-Express Test

Merry Christmas everybody!
Has somebody used Node.Express.Test.Mock before?

In the real app I have something like

manageRequests :: Handle -> App
manageRequests h = do
  useExternal jsonBodyParser
  get "/v1/users" $ listUsers h
  get "/v1/user/:id" $ getUser h
  post "/v1/users" $ createUser h

and in test

showResponse :: User -> MockResponse -> TestMockApp
showResponse expected response = liftEffect $ log response.data

testServer :: Free TestF Unit
testServer =
  testExpress "GET"
    $ do
        setupMockApp $ manageRequests
        sendTestRequest GET "http://example.com/v1/users" $ assertData $ encodeJSON listUsersValue
        sendRequest GET "http://example.com/v1/user/1" withRouteParam $ showResponse findUserRightValue
        sendRequest POST "http://example.com/v1/users" withBody $ showResponse insertUserRightValue
  withRouteParam = setRouteParam "id" "1"

  withBody = setBody $ encodeJSON insertUserRightValue

All requests succeed with the real implementation. In test only the first request is going through. The second does not work unless, :id is hardcoded to 1. The last request returns

{"errors":{"value0":"Error at array index 0: Error at property \"name\": Type mismatch: expected String, found Undefined","value1":{}}}

should be {"id":1,"name":"user1"}.

Are route param replacement and the body parser not suppose to work in Mock?