PureScript has a Discourse site!

PureScript has a Discourse page site!

I chose the purescript-users.ml domain because it was a free domain from freenom. We can move it to discourse.purescript.org in the future, if PureScript users find it is a useful website.

What do you think about Discourse? It seems kinda fun to use, like Slack, but seems to be a better place for managing conversations and knowledge in a structured and searchable way. Before now, I’ve often made issues and PRs to PureScript projects citing reasons like “this came up in the chat room”. Wouldn’t it be handy to link to those discussions from Github issues and PRs, so future people can get more context?

Let’s evaluate this tool for awhile. Consider adding it to your go-to places to discuss PureScript.

I’ve made a bunch of categories in which to post threads. LMK if you want a new category created, or existing ones renamed or merged or something.

Contact @chexxor with topics about this website.


I do like Discourse over something like Slack and IRC (which I’m lumping together as the free Slack tier means that history is almost less permanent than IRC, which at least has a lot of archiving bots).

Discourse gives us linkable discussions and answers, but close enough to real-time to feel like you’re having a conversation.

Thanks for setting this up. :slight_smile: