`Purescript React Realworld` updated

Took a break from procrastination.

I have updated GitHub - jonasbuntinx/purescript-react-realworld: A real-world application demonstrating PureScript and React to Purescript 0.15.4


The Next.JS example has also been update to Purescript 0.15.4:


Thanks for this Jonas, I wouldn’t be using nextjs for literally everything right now if it weren’t for your example project!


:wave: I’ve noticed when I use your preview page of purescript-react-realworld that my user account’s existing posts do not appear.

That is, clicking my own profile name in the top right and then viewing the “Published articles” list shows nothing. But doing the same thing on the official realworld demo (https://demo.realworld.io/) shows the dummy articles I’ve added.

i.e. I can only get a list of my account’s existing posts to appear on the official demo site.

If I type the target URL of an article directly into the address bar for one of those dummy articles (though without the #), I can reach it on your preview site.

e.g. I can get the following article page to appear fine if I go here directly:
…if the official demo site link was…

…but it won’t be listed in “my articles” section.

Oh and any comments I’ve made on those same articles are also only appearing for me when viewing the official Realworld demo site too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Can you replicate any of that?

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I try to replicate your issues and I get the same problems. There seems to be some weird behavior on the API.

Why there is a difference between mine and the official demo is that I don’t call that specific endpoint with an auth header since it’s redundant (and the same endpoint is used for logged out users).

Because of this I noticed that my articles I create (that should appear on my profile) also do not appear in the global feed when logged out.

Might be time to write the API in Purescript too, haha