Purescript-tuples-native v2.0.0

Hi everyone, a while back I wrote a library for representing tuples as heterogeneous arrays in javascript - you can find it at purescript-tuples-native.

I don’t know if anything supersedes this library - it’s only real purpose is for doing proper integration with foreign function interfaces without having to do the details yourself (like EffectFn, Fn and friends) - I still have a lot to learn about the new typesystem features that are used by @natefaubion in purescript-heterogeneous, but this is just a simple opaque type that used to represent the types as a row of indicies ("0" :: a, "1" :: b) etc., but now uses a RowList - this let me write some Generic instances, but I still don’t have an infinite series of tuples defined (only T2 through T9). If anyone has a suggestion, I’d love to hear it! happy coding :slight_smile: