PureScript Unscripted in 2019?


Any thoughts on what PS Unscripted should be in this new year?

For reference, last year we were able to find someone for each meetup who was able to share something PureScript-related they accomplished, learned, or otherwise wanted to share.


I’d like to see some PureScript + React stuff personally. I haven’t played around with it yet but I want to try out PureScript React Basic (https://github.com/lumihq/purescript-react-basic). But I also want to learn more about Halogen so I guess anything related to FE frameworks would be nice.


I’m also interested mostly in Halogen cause i’m using it right now in my day to day work. I would also like to get deeper explanations to spacchetti and spago and psc-package. How this things work.

Furthermore it would be nice to have something like that for newcomers to teach them how to get started what they need to know and stuff. Maybe after doing something like this we can gain knowledge what is needed to get started up front and ramp up newcomers.