PureScript v0.14.3 Released

PureScript v0.14.3 has been released!

A few changes are highlighted below:

  • Kind signatures (and their documentation comments) are now included in HTML docs.
    • Read the Pursuit’s “users” help page for a clearer explanation than the below release notes on how that works.
    • Note: if you have problems when running spago docs, try running spago docs -S instead. The underlying purescript-docs-search tool that powers this feature still needs to be updated due to changes in the docs.json format.
  • The below bugs/issues introduced in v0.14.2 have been resolved
    • The docker issue with v0.14.2 should be resolved since the OS versions were pinned in the CI that built the binaries.
    • Instances with compiler-generated names appear in docs again
    • Some incorrect UnusedName warnings have been fixed

Try PureScript has also been updated to use v0.14.3

Thanks to all who contributed!

Full release notes below:


Great work, thank you very much!


Thanks a lot for your work, highly appreciated! Very smooth upgrade and now our project runs fine in the official node docker image :+1: