Purescript-vim call for feedback / ideas

Hi! I recently took on the responsibility of maintaining purescript-vim, and I did my best in cleaning up the README file, as well as added a few minor changes (e.g. we now have a :help purescript-vim).

I would like to ask YOU, the Vim users to help me make the vim experience with purescript as good as it can get! For this, I would like to ask for your help: what kind of features would you like to be added to purescript-vim? What did we get wrong? How can we do better?

No issue is too small!

  • Doc update? Yes!
  • Extra install instructions? Of course!
  • Changes/improvements to syntax highlighting or indentation? You bet!
  • Any new feature? Well… we’ll see :slight_smile: (*)

(*) purescript-vim currently only handles syntax highlighting & indentation. We’ll have to decide whether unrelated features go here or in a separate plugin.

So, if you have any sort of idea, post a new issue to the repository or comment here!


Thanks for maintaining the plugin.

I feel like the indentation rules are sometimes a bit off. I’ll try to come up with a descriptive issue, when I notice it again and can reproduce it.

Also consider submitting file type and syntax to vim itself.


Here is an example where “in” on the beginning of a word accidentally triggers indentation:


I agree with @andys8. There are some problems with indentation which I face almost every time I code in PureScript. I’ll also create any issues when I face indentation bugs or any bugs in general.