Purescript-web3 support for v0.14

We recently spent some time updating the purescript-web3 library to support purescript v0.14. This is the go-to library for writing Ethereum applications using purescript.

There are no other breaking changes than those coming from the compiler upgrade.

Find the latest release on pursuit: purescript-web3 - Pursuit

The code generation tool has also been updated: Welcome to Chanterelle’s documentation! — Chanterelle latest documentation

Perhaps the most exciting consequence of this is that our halogen sample app is now up-to-date with halogen 6: GitHub - f-o-a-m/chanterelle-halogen-template: Chanterelle + Halogen demo

Although we use these tools heavily internally, we’re not sure if there are many users outside of our team at FOAM. I’ll take this opportunity to invite users to make feature requests and other comments as well.

Kristoffer // FOAM