PureScript WebAssembly backend (Too much WIP!)

Hi community.

Today I want to share the project I’ve currently working, though It is still in very early stage and I don’t have any idea this is even worth working with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

These days I’ve been working with new PureScript backend for WebAssembly.
As the starting point, I ported the binaryen JS API to purescript.
It’s quite low-level, a bunch of foreign imports generated automatically by script.

Although it is still in very early stage (incomplete bindings, lacks of automated tests ,etc…),
at least I can write some WebAssembly modules and emit valid wasm binary and text format with this library.

As the next task, I’m studying the implementation of Waml, the experimental ML-style language targeting WebAssembly (with Garbage Collection proposal enabled), written in OCaml.