Pursuit pulp publish purs 0.14

I can’t figure out how to publish a purs v0.14.1 package to Pursuit.

pulp publish --no-push isn’t working for me anymore. I can’t satisfy the zombie bower build.

Who’s been able to do this, and how did you do it?

I’m using this shell.nix https://github.com/jamesdbrock/purescript-arraybuffer-builder/blob/ci/shell.nix

  • purs v0.14.1
  • pulp v15.0.0
  • bower v1.8.12

Does purs publish work for publishing to Pursuit? Does anyone do that?

I will try to https://pursuit.purescript.org/help/authors#submit-automated except with purs publish instead of psc-publish.

Is there a way to generate a purs publish manifest file and a resolutions file from spago?

Is this format for the manifest file?

Is this the format for the resolutions file?


No, the manifest spec you linked is newer and unrelated.

You linked to the correct resolution format though. I am not sure what’s the format for the manifest that purs publish requires (I thought it would need only a resolutions file)

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Ok I’m pretty sure that “the manifest file” means the bower.json file.

I have resolutions in my bower.json but purs publish wants a separate resolutions file, and that is what I am trying to figure out how to generate.

$ purs publish --manifest bower.json

Missing: --resolutions FILE

Usage: purs publish --manifest FILE --resolutions FILE [--compile-output DIR] 
  Generates documentation packages for upload to Pursuit

I don’t recommend using purs publish directly. It’s easy to do incorrectly, and you can end up publishing incorrect information to Pursuit. Instead, I’d recommend nailing down the versions in bower.json so that pulp publish works. If you want to go for the nuclear option you can always have Spago generate a list of all of your dependencies and their exact versions, and then just put those exact versions in your bower.json.

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