Purty 0.3.0 released

:tada: :tada: :tada:

Time for another weekly release of purty. Mostly small changes, but good things coming in the future. You can grab the npm package or go directly for the binaries.

Notes from the changelog


Bug fixes and small features

Most of what happened in this release were bug fixes after being used in a real project.





Lovely :slight_smile: I really need to give this a try

Please do!

If you notice any problems, please ping me here, in slack or file an issue.

Nice work! Iโ€™ll try to use this soon.

@joneshf I noticed in the release notes for the 0.12 compiler that there were updates to let / where parsing. Will that change fix the issue in purty where where clauses turn into let?

Iโ€™m fairly certain that was the main motivator for that change (although itโ€™s useful regardless of purty). Not sure if that means it will just work with the new compiler version, but itโ€™s certainly at most a PR away from working in 0.12.


Weโ€™ve an issue to track it.

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Ah! Perfect! This is the last main blocker to us trying out Purty at work. I love how rustfmt just removes all kinds of discussions about code formatting and you can just sit on a .toml configuration and Iโ€™m excited to see something like that for PureScript.

My team will be happy they donโ€™t have to see my quirky alignment anymore :wink: