Purty 7.0.0 released

:tada: :tada:

Time for another release of purty . It’s been almost exactly a year since the last breaking change, and this one provides support for the 0.14.0 syntax. You can grab the npm package or go directly for the binaries.

Notes from the changelog


This is the first release that supports the 0.14.0 compiler and its syntactical changes.

Overall, not much has changed. The new syntactic constructs are kind signatures and roles. Kind signatures are formatted like type signatures. Roles are are all on a single line for now.

This release will likely still work for most 0.13.x code. Though there’s no explicit support for the 0.13.x series at the moment. The breaking changes are for some edge cases that it doesn’t seem like many would run into, but they’re breaking for a reason.





As a datapoint, we have ~120k lines of PS at work, and we updated purty from 6.3.1 to 7.0.0 while still using the 0.13.8 purs compiler to compile the code. Nothing broke. There was a single line in a single module that ended up getting a slightly different formatting.