Questions on building a psc-package set

Suppose that I want to build my own set of psc-packages. How would I curate and verify a list of compatible libraries? It feels like this requires authors of package sets to confront the dependency problems that psc-package solves head-on?

Specifically, if I’m bringing in foolib-1.0, which depends on barlib-1.0, but then I want bazlib-1.0, and it depends on barlib-1.1 which is incompatible with foolib-1.0, I’m going to run into trouble.

Multiply this by 187 packages each with their own version (current count of curated packages in the psc-package set I’m using), and it seems like there’s a lot of DLL hell type complexity here.

Can someone explain the approach in building the current “official” package sets provided by psc-package?

Psc-package has a verify command that builds all the libraries together, which is run on CI

Please also see this section of the README:

A package set is a collection of packages, such that there is only one entry (i.e. version) for a given package in the set.