React Halo :: Some of the nice things about Halogen, but for React

This is to let all React users know that the first release of React Halo is out (v0.2.3).

It provides something similar to HalogenM in the form of HaloM, and can be used in existing hook-based components.

The main entry-points to the library are:

  • useHalo
    A hook for integrating into existing components

  • component
    For components that don’t require other hooks

  • component_
    For components that don’t require other hooks or even props

Feedback is welcome, as are bug reports since I haven’t had a chance to battle-test it yet.

For the handful of people using my previous hook-based-state-management library, react-store: I see react-halo as a complete replacement and more.


I made a small example:

I’m also thinking about updating purescript-react-realworld to use react-halo.


Here is the commit where I replace useStore with useHalo in purescript-react-realword:

This is the minimum amount modules changes needed in order to use useHalo. This is not a typical use case. I will slowly update the branch to show a more typical usage.