Real World Halogen Released

I’m proud to announce that the Real World Halogen project is complete and has been accepted to the official RealWorld repository (currently #10 #9 #8 #7 :sunny:). It implements a Medium clone in more than 2,000 lines of thoroughly-commented code and demonstrates resource management, authentication, application state, routing, components, type classes, optics, and a whole lot more.

This project is intended to give non-PureScript developers a taste of what a small application in the language looks like, and to give advanced beginners in PureScript a resource to feel comfortable building reliable applications of their own.

Please consider sharing the project with friends and colleagues who are learning PureScript or are interested in using it to build single-page applications, or to your network on Twitter :tada:! I hope it can help some people bridge the gap from book learning to practical projects and convince others to give the language a try.

If you notice ways that the codebase could be improved for clarity and readability I would love to hear about it. I am always open to feedback and contributions.


Thank you for your work in putting this together. It’s a huge community asset!


Agreed this is really good :heart:

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I think this is amazing. Great work.

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Thanks, I just started learning ps and this is awesome


Real World Halogen just crossed 500 stars, a huge milestone for this kind of learning project. Thanks to everyone who has opened an issue, pull request, or contributed to the conversations on the repository!


Well deserved it’s a great base for starting a project and you can really easily extend it towards full blown app!!