Real World PureScript+React


I was inspired by @thomashoneyman 's implementation ( of the Real World spec using Halogen.

I work professionally in PureScript, but we’re using React instead of Halogen. So I wanted to create a PureScript+React version of the RealWorld spec.

I have finished the implementation of the spec, but so far it has not been reviewed by anyone besides myself. If anybody wants to go over the code I would ever be so grateful.

You can find the repository here:

I also created a ticket on the realworld repo:


This is really cool!

A first and quick review point from my side is that purescrip-wire and purescript-react-basic-hooks-store are missing a basic README file :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, at first glance I thought that you are the author of these two mentioned libraries :wink:


Oh, wow, that’s cool. It does definitely look very helpful.
I also like how you started your text with the same inspiration like I did here :smiley: Create-react-app integration with PureScript

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Thanks for the quick review!

Those libraries are maintained by my good friend @robertdp . I’ll let him know about the missing README files.

Small update.
I created the PR for PureScript+React in the realworld repo:


After a more in depth review I can only say that the code base of this app looks amazing :slight_smile:


I really like this, thanks for sharing!


Another small update.
I have set up a hosted demo:

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Here’s a summary of what to expect for the 2021 framework comparison (based on 2020 post):

Bundle (KB) Lighthouse performance LOC
This App 82 70 3140
Median 100 91 2050
Best 15 99 638
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If you want to try for a super tiny bundle size (which would probably improve the lighthouse score as well), you could swap React for Preact and then see if Zephyr adds any extra benefit :slight_smile:


Already doing that :slight_smile:

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Thanks :+1:

What are your settings when running lighthouse?

Oh nice, I should have checked :sweat_smile:

Hmm… now I’m kind of curious where the extra size is coming from. Or, if it’s just from the views, how there are a few with significantly smaller sizes :thinking:

Same as the article. “Performance” and “Mobile”

Ah, mobile. I was using desktop and was getting 98 :sweat_smile:

Most page components are about 20~25kb in the bundle. Another big chunk is Data.Map.Internal.

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