Recommendations for game programming


I’ve been doing a bit of web programming with Purescript + Halogen and it’s been awesome. I was thinking maybe it would be fun to do a small web game. Are there libraries already out there that you would recommend for this? I think 3D is to involved. It would just need to be a 2D game library.
What I’ve seen so far

Emoji game engine


Maybe it’s easiest to simply use the canvas


I ended up just using the canvas for and I was pretty happy with that approach. Having said that, this was back when purescript was at v0.6 so a LOT has changed since then. I think canvas should still be a credible option but others may be better.

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Hey that’s really cool I hadn’t seen this game!. Yeah I have a experience with the canvas and I’m aiming at something super simple so might just start with this. Thanks for the link!


I found this frpong idea that uses Web Workers that seems like a novel approach.

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hey i’m currently working on a game for the tic80 i like the fantasy console thingy cause it has a lot out of the box which is related to game programming and it supports javascript so i was tempted to get purescript running on this. Maybe you could take a look also on that. The games could later be converted to Html files that can be empedded.

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