Remote Full-Stack PureScript Engineering Role at CitizenNet

Hi all, we’re looking to grow our PureScript team here at CitizenNet.

This is for a fully remote role—we have team members located all over the globe.

Read the full description below, or apply directly here:

You will work with our development team to build out a world class marketing platform. CitizenNet is focused on building innovative solutions to the variety of needs publishers and marketers have, and you will play a key role in realizing those solutions.

Primary Responsibilities
• Designing, implementing, and maintaining a broad set of innovative features
• Working closely with product and design teams
• Researching, recommending, gaining adoption, and rolling out processes to improve development workflow
• Performing code reviews
• Elevating quality of engineering work

Desired Skills and Qualifications
• Experienced in functional programming languages, e.g. Purescript, Haskell
• At least 3 years of relevant work experience building large-scale and complex applications
• Expert full-stack knowledge
• Ability to lead/contribute/listen to others on the team, and communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively
• Strong desire to stay on the cutting edge of your technology stack
• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
• Commitment to delivering great software and releasing it quickly, efficiently, and with increasing quality

Project Information
• Full-stack Purescript application
• The client is built on Halogen framework using Ocelot component library
• Use of Handle/Service pattern for IO (similar to tagless final, but using concrete records instead of typeclasses)
• Layered architecture with clear separation of business logic and side effects
• Domain-driven design, CQRS, and event sourcing are used for data design, communication, and persistence
• Continuous integration and deployment workflow


CitizenNet is a great place to work! Here’s their GitHub, for anyone curious: