Removing Add-From-Bower from Psc-Package

I’m planning to remove add-from-bower altogether from Psc-Package. If you like add-from-bower for some reason, please give some responses in the issue thread and here. If you also think add-from-bower should be removed, give a thumbs up on the issue and give a shout.

See the issue for more details:


Even though I implemented this feature, I think it’s proven to only confuse users into thinking they will get some kind of “extra-deps” behavior, and this really should exist as a separate tool that just uses bower-the-library (e.g. I have the beginnings of one here:

I’ve basically already implemented the core of what this is for my own package sets project anyhow with a simple Perl script:

So can we get to removing this? Is there anyone who actually likes add-from-bower and can speak for it?

I use add-from-bower quite a bit. I’d prefer if this was not deprecated.

It has a bug where it prefers urls with git:// rather than https:// for some reason, I saw you fixed up a little bit of my mess I made recently.

I’d like the feature a lot more if it didn’t rely on Bower directly. If we could go back and forth from the manifest/resolutions file formats which Pursuit uses, that would be nice, I think.