Removing the Browser REPL backend

For background, please see Proposal: Remove the Browser REPL backend · Issue #4252 · purescript/purescript · GitHub.

In 0.15 we are initially going to ship without the Browser REPL backend, as it is a blocker for shipping ES modules. If this significantly affects your workflow, please let us know! If it does, could you let us know if any of the following alternatives work for you:

  • Using TryPureScript, which contains the full package set and support for common UI libs like React.
  • Using a bundler with a dev server, which gives you a TryPureScript-like experience for local code.
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Also, if you miss the browser REPL backend and TryPureScript doesn’t cover your needs, we should consider whether improving TryPureScript would be less work (or otherwise a better path) than resurrecting the browser REPL. For example, one limitation of TryPureScript relative to the browser REPL is that you can’t test your own FFI code in it—but if that is something people were using the browser REPL for and will miss in 0.15, I think we should consider just implementing an FFI file tab as a TryPureScript feature.