[Resolved]: Don't do ^0.15.7

Seems 0.15.8 is around the corner - sadly you cannot install it into the default node:19 docker-image right now so make sure you don’t have ^0.15.7 in you package.json(.lock) - better just 0.15.7 :wink:

Learned this the painful way :cry: right now.

EDIT: for those who don’t want to read the chat:

Should work now / Linux binaries for 0.15.8 should be ready

EDIT2: turn out it was totally my mistake by using npm install instead of npm ci

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sadly you cannot install it into the default node:19 docker-image right now

Can you clarify why that doesn’t work?

Was it do to this? `npm install purescript@0.15.8` on Linux gets a 404 · Issue #4447 · purescript/purescript · GitHub

Yes that is probably what was happening - strangely on Windows all did work out but on my Linux(Debian) Buildserver inside docker/node:19 it failed with this.

It was my fault as I did not really bother to change the ^0.15.7 npm gives you if you do npm install purescript.

EDIT: this was meant more for a future me and maybe others running into similar trouble - IMHO ^ should not be used before 1.x at all

Ok. Can you update the title of this post to say “[Resolved]” or something?

AIUI this was just a misstep in the release process—which you can certainly avoid in the future if you want by pinning your versions, but we let you down here; you didn’t make a mistake. It ‘should’ be the case that a flexible version spec like ^0.15.7 points to a usable compiler of some version at any time, including during a release.

No hard feelings if you don’t trust us to keep that promise, but that’s the ideal we’re aiming for, along with such ideals as ‘don’t introduce bugs’ and ‘don’t make breaking changes in point releases’. Naturally, it’s up to you to decide how much of a risk our human fallibility on all such things is likely to impact your specific situation and what you want to do about it, as is always the case with software you get from someone else.

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Don’t worry - I certainly don’t blame anyone here.
I’m glad for all your work as you enable me to use one of the most pleasant language I know in production.

It just came at a really bad time for me as I was just investigating in another issue with my pipeline due to some database-migrations not working out as planned and that sudden issue with client-build somewhat forced me into yak-shaving :wink:

Npm lock file (package-lock.json) fixates the exact installed version, so you probably don’t have it where you install deps (in your docker image).

Well funny thing: I do have said lock-file (I even use/need it to share the npm-cache between operations for my front-end) - did not help here.

I cannot say exactly what went wrong and why (was kind of busy with my actual problem - so I made the - to me - obvious fix)

well I guess I’ve should have seen this years before but hey - another thing I learned just now (thanks @wclr for making me think) - seems I should use npm ci instead of me stupidly using npm install