Resolved: Fix CI failures in the purescript-contrib organization

Recently, myself and other members of purescript-contrib noticed that a good number of repositories in the organization have failing CI because of changes to how Spago handles transitive dependencies (ie. you must have dependencies explicitly installed if you directly import them in your code), or because of the new UnusedName warning issued by the compiler.

It’s quick and straightforward to update each of these libraries, but there are a good number of them so I wanted to ask for some help from the community! This is a nice opportunity to get a first contribution in if you haven’t contributed to a PureScript library before.

Here’s the issue collecting all of the libraries that need to be updated:


Thank you to @artemisSystem, @ptrfrncsmrph, @ntwilson, and @flounders for your help getting this taken care of!


Wow, you guys are quick. I thought I’d do some of these today, heh.

Yea, this happened fast! But there’s always more to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was way too late as well! xD

While fixing fork, i did notice i at least got an unused name warning from tuples (i think it was that one) (which is in core from what i remember). I checked out the repo and saw that CI hadn’t been ran there for 3 months (because there have been no new commits, from what i understand), which i’m guessing is before the release of 0.14.2, so the warning didn’t show up.

There might be a lot more of these warnings we’ll have to fix, that just haven’t showed up yet in repos that haven’t gotten commits since 0.14.2, could that be right?


I’d be interested in this too. I know some but probably not all of the warnings in the core libs are necessary (e.g., anything about MonadZero is still necessary). For stuff like the unused name warnings, is there any interest in fixing that in the core libs? I honestly know nothing about the community contribution process for the core libs vs the contrib libs.

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There is absolutely interest in fixing those in the core libraries, anywhere they’re found. I think we caught most of them when 0.14.3 came out, but I’m sure some slipped through.

Anyone who notices a warning in a core library other than a deprecation warning, please do open a PR and we can get it merged!

There’s no real difference other than that the core libraries tend to be more stable and they only accept dependencies on other core libraries. For that reason you might find we’re more conservative around new features or breaking changes, but for something like a bug fix we’re all about it!