RFC: a new Registry for PureScript packages


Many of you will be aware of the fact that the Bower registry is not accepting package submissions anymore.

If you followed that thread you’ll note that I had some ideas about making a new Package Registry for PureScript packages only.

Things moved quite nicely on that front, and today I’d like to announce here that we have a candidate design and proof of concept for that.

What’s happening now

I’d like to now open a review phase, where the whole community is called in to give feedback, suggest improvements, and express their feelings about this.

More specifically, I’d like people to:

  • have a read at the README, which goes through the design and shows how all the different parts fit together, and then take a look at the type definitions and the package manifests
  • …and engage in the issue tracker, which already contains some discussions on various aspects and open questions of the design. Feel free to participate in the discussions and/or open new threads there if something is unclear or unsatisfactory in other ways.

Generally I expect that package authors/maintainers will be most interested in the various aspects of this, but everyone is very welcome to join and every input is valuable :slightly_smiling_face:

The goals for this phase

  • find any flaws/oversights in the design as a whole, and address them
  • stabilize the design by addressing the already known issues

What will happen next

I would like this “general review” phase to last no less than two weeks from now, so that we can gather enough input. If we figure that’s not enough time we can of course extend this period.

Once we are happy with this we can move to the next phase, which will be about incorporating feedback and coding a first version of the Curator so that we can see this in action.

Once we’re happy with that and we feel like we want to commit to it, then we can start adapting our package managers and workflows to work with this :slight_smile: