Semimonthly Online Meetup 2021-01-18

Meeting occurs every two weeks. Times alternate between 12:00 UTC and 19:00 UTC.

The meetings are not recorded, but we try to post some meeting minutes afterwards. Also, feel free to post agenda items ahead of time in this thread.


I want to warmly invite you to the next Monday meetup (its 12:00 UTC this time). We are going to have a lightweight intro to purescript-typeable by @ajnsit!

I’ve extended Monadys meetup to 2 hours (it is quite possible that it will take a usual hour or hour and half - we will see). I think that it is enough time to have a Q&A session related to typeable and to make a usual sharing round too and discuss… other libs like wai/ warp / halo or topics like codegen… :wink:

We can also schedule next lightweight / informal presentations for the future meetups. I hope that we can even start making some preparations for a bit more serious recorded presentations.


Just a quick reminder that tomorrow at this time we are going to be already during the meetup so please don’t forget to join on time :wink:


My slides from the talk -