Semimonthly Online Meetups 2020


We are splitting meetups topic into quarterly threads. Please check currently open meetup thread for upcoming events.

This thread has been archived.

Meeting occurs every two weeks. Times alternate between 12:00 UTC and 19:00 UTC.

The meetings are not recorded, but we try to post some meeting minutes afterwards. Also, feel free to post agenda items ahead of time in this thread.

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Thanks for setting up the calendar plugin; being able to click to add the event to my personal calendar is so sweet. :slight_smile:


FYI, I accidentally scheduled this meetup for Tuesday rather than our usual Monday. Either date is fine with me, but wanted to double check with everyone for preference on the day. I’ll close the poll on the 12th and potentially shift this a day earlier depending on the results.

  • Prefer Monday
  • Prefer Tuesday
  • No Preference

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Meetup date changed to Monday based on poll results.

Shouldn’t the post title be changed too?

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I’ve edited the post title. Good catch!

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It looks like the Meet link in the first post doesn’t work for me? (i.e. no one lets me in)

I have created a new Meet, you’ll find me here :slight_smile:

@f-f think you might be half an hour early :slight_smile:

Yeah it looks like I got the timezone wrong :joy:

In any case, @paluh asked me to run the meetup this week, so I don’t think anyone is going to be able to admit people in the previous Meet link, so let’s use this last one I posted.

See you there in 30 mins!


Thanks everyone for joining and for the great chat, see you in some weeks! :slight_smile:

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Sorry i missed this, somehow it got stuck in my mind as being on Tuesday.

What does “biweekly” mean here in the post title? Is there going to be another meetup in this week?

In this case, once every two weeks. Would it be better to change the title to “semimonthly”?

Pretty annoying that biweekly is defined as either meaning “twice a week” or “once every two weeks”. The English language has some bugs.


@milesfrain thanks for clearing this up.

Hard agree.

I searched for some alternatives for “biweekly” and found several people recommending “fortnightly” instead ( I feel it’s too old-fashioned, but it’s definitely clearer (I don’t know if I’m joking or being serious here).


@milesfrain “semimonthly” is much clearer; thanks for changing the title. By the way, you seem to have made the next meet 15 hours long, which presumably is unintentional.

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Here are the meeting notes from yesterday:

  • Meeting logistics

    • The current link requires @f-f to approve join requests. Could we give multiple users join permissions and the ability to approve join requests? It looks like we’d have to get all trusted users into the same org for that. Should we try Jitsi?
  • Spago 0.16 released

  • Brainstorming ways to further improve our documentation.

  • Introductory material ideas

    • Videos to help lower barier to entry
      • Getting Started
      • Would like to make video walkthough for some early book sections.
  • Games with PureScript

  • Purescript Web backends

    • Lots of possibilities, but
    • Could show reuse of types with a realworld backend to compliment the PureScript Halogen and React realworld frontends.
  • TryPureScript Q&A

    • Are npm libraries supported?
      • Yes, but their CDN links must be hardcoded to Shim.purs:
    • Why does exist?
      • It’s to demonstrate some new features that are currently under review.
      • Here’s a short video to showcase these features in better detail:

Thanks a lot for this summary and video showcase. These new TPS features are really cool - awesome job!

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I need a volunteer to confirm that they can join this Jitsi meeting without moderator approval.

If it that link goes down, feel free to create another one.

Original post:

We still need to sort-out a meeting link for tomorrow.

I’m not going to be attending, but would like to bump this topic for discussion again and hope that y’all can figure out a nice solution to this recurring problem.

As a backup plan, you can start the meeting on Slack, and then hopefully by the time it fills up to the maximum of 15 participants, someone will be able to host a bigger room.

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I’m able to join the Jitsi link without moderator approval. :slight_smile: