Semimonthly Online Meetups 2022-Q1

Meeting occurs every two weeks. Times alternate between 12:00 UTC and 19:00 UTC.

Our meetups are really lightweight and chatty in nature hence not recorded, but we try to post some meeting minutes afterwards. Also, feel free to post agenda items ahead of time in this thread.


I’d be interested to join! Do these happen on discord?

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Yes, I think they happen on discord!

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Yeah, we want to use discord for the first time :slight_smile: @ocramz the link is the event description above :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’ve made a mistake the link is wrong. We starting in 5 min in “main-stage” of PS discord.

Thanks a lot for a nice meetup. Here you can find short notes from this session: PureScript Online Meetup 2022 January 03 - HedgeDoc


Time works for me, but platform does not.


I’m really, really sorry but unfortunately I’m not able to join the meetup myself today :frowning:

Have a nice meetup and see you next time!

I am fully for a move back to jitsi