Small PureScript online meetup - 2020-06-08

The next Monday we are going to have yet another PS meetup. We plan to start it at 19:00 UTC this time (next time 12 UTC again). Everybody is more than welcome!

Please share your ideas for the discussion topics or short presentations below. Any suggestions regarding general organization improvement would be also really appreciated.

Do you think we should stick to this four rooms arrangement like: General, Beginners, Ecosystem, Documentation?

Don’t be afraid. I’m only announcing it here but @f-f is going to lead and moderate the meetup as usual :wink:


Just a thought. Could we create a new category for meetups? This post is under announcements, but it might be nice to see all of them together via a meetup category. It would help someone new to PS see what we’ve discussed over time.


Here’s that time zone calculator that was posted previously and updated for 19:00 UTC:


Will the meeting be on Zoom?

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Could you please tell me if that meetup tag which I’ve just attached to the top is exactly what you had on mind?

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@mhmdanas That is exactly right. I think that @f-f is going to post a meetup URL just before its beginning.


Yeah. Other meetups could use that category, too, should they arise. Thanks!

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Sorry, I didn’t mean a Tag, I meant a Category

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It’s going to be a bit late for me, but I’ll try to make it. Looking forward to it.


There’s a new Meetups category to record meetup announcements, notes, and follow-on discussions from here on out. I’m not able to move existing announcements into that channel, but future ones can go there :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestions!


I want to propose a small discovery corner “my latest library / library attempt / library idea / library finding” for the Ecosystem room. It could have a similar function to the Announcement category here on the forum but be less official - we don’t have to necessarily present published, well tested and well documented library there :stuck_out_tongue: We can also discuss libraries created by others which we found really useful but which don’t have enough stars on git***

The main purpose of this proposition is to create a space for a live discussion about possible design problems, solutions and choices for refactoring of existing libs or implementation of new libs or just libraries usage. I think that we can even share some code on the screen here…
Another reason is to create an opportunity to just share the info about our current effort and possibly attract other PureScripters towards collaboration.

I’m not sure if we should make announcements about every lib which we want to talk about beforehand… What do you think?


Ask and ye shall receive…


Meeting link:

As usual I’ll start admitting people in ~15mins

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Libraries which I quickly showed were:

I think that by combining these libs we can get a really powerful mix.

Sorry for this quick rush on the meetup from my side - my intention was to rather convince you that this tools could be really useful and not enigmatic. I’m afraid that I’ve achieved quite the opposite…

I can think more about some examples for the next or the one after the next meetup. In the form of a cookbook of course :stuck_out_tongue:

And a shameless plug at the end:


@paluh I actually really loved the library showcase, thanks for that :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks you! :slight_smile:

Anyway I think:

  • I should propose others to share what they found interesting at first and not just rush with my findings :wink:

  • I should provide easy to follow and practical examples for these particular libs in a cookbook style of course.

  • I should share what I found hard and what I know that I don’t understand about these libs.

Maybe the next time will be better…

I think that “ecosystem discovery corner” should be more practical and chilling discussion about what can be solved with a given code / library and not “I’ve found this really hard core lib” like I probably did this yesterday. I’m sure that typeleve-eval is meant to simplify (by providing known for us, functional abstractions) stuff on the type level and not the other way around. So I should present this clearly :slight_smile:

From this broader perspective every library finding or library attempt or just library exploration is possibly interesting and worth a discussion. So please don’t hesitate to share some stuff.