Small PureScript online meetup - 2020-06-22

On the next Monday we are going to have yet another PS meetup. We plan to start it at 12:00 UTC this time (next time 19 UTC again). Everybody is more than welcome!

Sorry for the late announcement but we were not sure if we manage to organize it as unfortunately @f-f is not able to be present.
I’m happy to say that @gcsolaroli is going to provide a zoom account and connect us all together. Thanks Giulio!

As always please don’t hesitate to write some topics below which you are interested in and want to include them in the meetup schedule.


I may not make it to all (or any) of this next meeting, but I added a few documentation update notes here.

I’d be grateful to anyone who could type-up and share any takeaways from the meeting that they find interesting.


We are going to switch timings and we can switch meeting days too if that would help people to join meetups sometimes. So I hope that we are going to have you on the board Miles during some of the future meetups.

This is great. Thanks!
@JordanMartinez Would you be so kind and tell us if you are going to be present on this meetup and share some insights into the design of the cookbook project? It looks like you are doing great progress there and building a really cool framework for different types of recipes.

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Regarding “ecosystem discovery corner” topics from my side:

  • I want to go back for a moment to the discussion about type level programming. I want to plan an online hackaton / workshop (or series of such meetups) during which we can try to implement lenses and prisms generators together starting from the basics of generic programming in PS. I’m not an expert and I’m learning the stuff so I’m not sure if we can solve the problem but we can try I think :slight_smile:
  • I think that there is an interesting change regarding error representation in the argonaut library which probably everybody should be aware of so we can discuss it shortly. @srghma and @thomashoneyman are working on this update I think.
  • I can share some pieces of the problems which I’ve encountered during the implementation of required fields support in the react-basic-mui (as a part of merge effort of @srghma PR) and where I ended up. react-basic-mui is a binding for the material ui js framework with a codegen backend.
    We can also walk through oneof library approach in this section and check how @jvliwanag is using the lib in his latest purescript-polaris bindings.

This is the link to join the meeting:

See you later.

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Sorry i won’t be able to make this one (unless clashing work meeting changes)

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Oh, that is really sad news too.
Maybe we should think about weekend next time… we can arrange some planning / polling before the next meetup which days works best for the people.

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I want to thank all of you for the really nice meetup! It was great to talk to you and learn from you Guys!

I don’t want to disappoint you @milesfrain but I was not really prepared for a detailed discussion about cookbook and documentation improvements effort without you or @JordanMartinez on the meetup. Sorry about that.
Do you think that you or Jordan can share the details and problems related to the cookbook infrastructure on the next meetup around 6th of July at 19:00 UTC. We can adjust the exact day of the meetup and have it on the weekend (Sunday?) if this works better for you. I’m going to probably open up a poll soon on the new meetup thread.
I think that @gcsolaroli and @Woody88 are going to open up a thread related to the “state of PS ecosystem” project which should probably be complementary to the cookbook in some sens.
We have discussed this topic shortly and looked at the haskell repo: and also at existing @xgrommx effort which could be a baseline for further work:


I’d be happy to discuss the cookbook during the next meeting. 6th of July at 19:00 UTC works for me.

Sorry about that. I was planning on coming, but I didn’t sleep well last night. (It was Father’s Day weekend in US). The next meetup will occur during Independence Day weekend in the US as well, so I’m not sure how many people who live in that area will be attending.

I think I’ll be able to come to the next one. However, I could type up something here if you post questions.



Thanks. I think I’m going to have more questions soon when I start adding some recipes to the project :wink:

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I get the email digest the day after

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