Spago 0.14 released ๐ŸŽ‰

This is the first Spago release since the repo moved to the PureScript org, thanks to everyone that helped with that and to all contributors :heart:

As usual you can find it on NPM and in other places:

And if you find any problems with it donโ€™t hesitate to open an issue


Breaking changes (:scream:!!!):

  • Replace list-packages command with ls packages and ls deps (#563)
    This is happening for future extensibility, i.e. so that we can add any spago ls $whatever subcommand in a non-breaking way whenever weโ€™ll want to list more things.
    How things got renamed:

    • spago list-packages โ†’ spago ls packages
    • spago list-packages -f direct โ†’ spago ls deps
    • spago list-packages -f transitive โ†’ spago ls deps -t

    Note: the list-packages command is still there to provide a semi-gracious transition path for folks, and will be removed in a future release.

New features:

  • Allow verify-set to work with either a spago.dhall or a packages.dhall (#515)
  • Create .purs-repl file when running spago init (#555, #558)
  • Add --source-maps flag to build commands (#545, #562)
  • Add --quiet and --no-color global flags to better control logging (#548)


  • Fix a few watch-mode buffering and concurrency issues (#549)
  • Fix watching relative paths in sources config (e.g. ../src/**/*.purs ) (#556)
  • Make the ensureConfig function safe (#561, #531)
  • Retry downloading packages on network errors (#557, #565)

Other improvements:

  • Docs: fix misc typos in README (#566)
  • Docs: fix typo in packages.dhall template (#539)
  • Docs: remove mention of shared output folder in README (#559, #552)
  • Docs: update links: spacchetti/spago โ†’ purescript/spago
  • CI: update to purs-0.13.6 (#542)
  • CI: update CI to the new location of the repo (#560)
  • Deps: update to purescript-docs-search-0.0.8 (#543)
  • Deps: update to dhall-1.29 and github-0.24 (#553)

It looks like I forgot to announce the 0.13 release last month, so hereโ€™s the changelog for that too:

Breaking changes (:scream:!!!):

  • Disable output folder sharing (#526)
    This reverts an (accidentally) breaking changes introduced in 0.11.0 , for which Spago would take decisions on where the output folder should be in order to share some compilation results.
    This turned out to break some other things, so weโ€™ll stop trying to be smart about it here.

New features:

  • Enable HTTP(S) proxies on the NPM installation (#460, #522)
  • Add --before , --then and --else flags to specify commands to run before and after a build (#532, #410)

Other improvements:

  • Log backend build command when building (#521)
  • Deps: update purescript-docs-search version to 0.0.6 (#525)
  • CI: update purs version to 0.13.5 (#513)
  • CI: fix Haddocks and start testing them in CI (#511, #516)
  • Curator: automate updating purs version (#514)
  • Curator: automate updating the purescript-docs-search version (#519)
  • Docs: fix npm command line argument in README (#537)