Spago 0.15 released 🎉

Another Spago release - this time it’s mostly bugfixing and QoL improvements. The biggest news is that we seem to have fixed all the encoding-related problems, so this should run fine in all locales :tada: (and we’ll make sure not to break that: we now have the Windows CI running tests with Japanese encoding).

So please test it out, and if you find any problems with it don’t hesitate to open an issue

As usual you can find it on NPM and in other places

npm install -g spago


Breaking changes (:scream:!!!):

  • Remove the deprecated --no-share-output flag (#610)
    It has been disabled since some time now, so you can just remove it from your build commands.

New features:

  • Add the spago path global-cache subcommand to output the location of the global cache (#613, #591)


  • Fix encoding issues causing crashes when running in various locales (#595, #533, #507, #576)
  • Respect TERM=dumb by disabling colors when set (#581, #579)
  • Run package set commands without a project config being present (#393, #610)
  • Fail as soon as possible when not finding a necessary executable (#578, #610)
  • Don’t exclude the metadata package from the set (#609, #610)
  • Ensure psci-support is installed when starting the repl (#612, #550)
  • Ensure dependencies are installed before starting the repl (#611, #610)

Other improvements:

  • Errors: make the “dropping the ‘purescript-’ prefix” warning milder (#571, #570)
  • Docs: update README example to include source files (#574)
  • Docs: add info about SPDX license for publishing (#606)
  • CI: update Travis deployment to dpl-v2 (#569, #617)
  • Deps: upgrade dhall to 1.31.1 (#600)
  • Curator: move to its own repo (#586)