Spago 0.16 released 🎉

New Spago release out! Some bugfixes, some improvements for the alternate backends, some lightly breaking changes, and most importantly great news about spago docs: the generated documentation will now group modules by package in the sidebar and in the index, a long awaited feature :slightly_smiling_face:

So please test it out, and if you find any problems with it don’t hesitate to open an issue

As usual you can find it on NPM and in other places

npm install -g spago


Breaking changes (:scream:!!!):

  • Remove shorthands for color , before , then , and else flags (#670, #664) Both then and target had the shorthand t , so the shorthand for then was removed.
    Since then , before , and else are all shared between several commands, it seemed
    natural to remove the shorthands for the other shared commands too, so as to not cause
    future shorthand name conflicts.
    A similar collision problem happened with the color flag, so its shorthand was removed.
  • Pass main function argument to --run for alternate backends (#668) This is a braking change because now alternate backends are expected to accept
    an argument to their run flag. This change was coordinated among various backends
    so the migration should be relatively smooth, but you should check if your backend
    it able to support this.

New features:

  • Upgrade to docs-search@v0.0.10 , that introduces grouping by package in local docs (#679)
  • Ignore .gitignore d files in --watch by default - you can disable this with --allow-ignored (#665)
  • Support upgrade-set for alternative package-set repositories (#671)


  • Make the output of spago --version the same with spago version (#675)
  • Ensure the existence of the global cache directory (#672, #667)

Other improvements:

  • Docs: updated package addition/overriding syntax to use with syntax (#661, #663)
  • Docs: fix Webpack template (#653)
  • Docs: document how to pass arguments to main (#655)
  • Error messages: do not print “Installation complete” if nothing was installed (#676)