Spago 0.18 released 🎉

Time for a new Spago release!
Nothing too major going on: some breaking changes, a few bugfixes, a new CI, and so on.
Please test it out, and if you find any problems with it don’t hesitate to open an issue

As usual you can find it on NPM and in other places

npm install -g spago


Breaking changes (:scream:!!!)

  • Remove login command (#705): it was introduced in preparation for a publish command that would require a GitHub token to be provided, but it is obsolete now, as the new Registry workflow will not require it.
    While it’s technically a breaking change, it should be of very low impact since no one should be using this anyways.
  • Upgrade to Dhall 20.0.0 and GHC 8.6.5 (#695, #685): the upgrade fixes several bugs related to the upstream dhall-haskell implementation, but introduces a breaking change in the parser, as reserved words are not accepted anymore in certain positions.
    While the upstream package sets have been patched to be compatible with the change, this is a breaking change for all the existing configurations that make use of Dhall reserved words (such as assert, let, etc).

New features

  • Add exec-args as alias to node-args, to clarify that the args are forwarded to whichever backend is being targeted (go, js, etc), not exclusively NodeJS (#710, #709)


  • Don’t create the global cache folder at all if the user specifies --global-cache=skip (#705, #704)
  • Don’t require a spago.dhall anymore when the --no-build flag is passed (#705, 634)

Other improvements

  • CI: switch from Travis to GitHub Actions (#695)

Thanks for your awesome work, as always!

But I’m getting an error when trying to install it. It seems like the Linux version was generated with filename ubuntu-latest.tar.gz, but the download script is looking for linux-latest.tar.gz.

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Thank you for the catch! As I mentioned we have a new publishing CI, and I triple checked before publishing, but still missed something. I’ll get out a 0.18.1 immediately


@nava the download should be fine now, can you try it out?

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Working fine now.
Thank you!

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face: